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Doujin Raid!

Ok this site is amazing! http://boards.4chan.org/y/res/1700198#1707566

So I spent most of last night on various Russian sites and Japanese sites trying to find all of the Alois/Claude doujin that I could. At frist I thought that there was a very limited market for this pairing until discovering there a bunch of artist that specialize in this pairing! So now I'm like in a panic to go find downloads for these doujin. I found a bunch from the pervious list on the site (listed above).

However it seems no matter where I look I keep running into Ciel/Seb or Grell/Seb and I'm like "No! I just want strictly Alois/Claude". It seems a lot of English speaking sites have not gotten the doujin I want yet.

I want these
1. 金糸雀
CIRCLE: Necromantic
2. 美しき獣よ、愛のもとに跪け
CIRCLE: まっ黒な苺
3. アリスがお好き!    <--- I realllly want this one! *nosebleed* I've seen teasers and it looks fantastic
CIRCLE: まっ黒な苺
4. やわらかな檻  <--- This one looks really good too. The cover is amazing!
CIRCLE: 真っ黒な苺

I have also decided to start writing Alois/Claude fanfics! I'm quite happy with the Kuroshitsuji fandom as it has many skilled writers like that of Tokio Hotel. I'm a little disappointed with the Naruto fandom. My SasuSaku craze is pretty much over now

But seriously? Alois Trancy? How can you say no to a face like that?

Sasuke Is Cute

Everything Is So Cheap!!

So I had the honor of traveling over to China in late 2007 where there was a festival with quite a few doujinshi circles. Now I know that obviously what I bought was not in Japanese as if traditional of doujin, but the stuff I got was pretty good. I got two books from the Ouran High School manga and I got five books from the Naruto maga.... SasuSaku of course.

The best part was the conversion rate was fantastic!

Well anyway, I haven't bought anything in a really long time so I went onto
ShoppingMallJapan.com to look into buying some manga. The prices are ridiculous! Oh my gosh the prices ranged from ¥250 (€2.06) - ¥2800 (€23.17)!!!! Can you believe that??

However I'm having a lot of trouble finding SasuSaku, instead I'm finding the weirdest pairings ever. Like Kakashi/Sakura or Iruka/Kakashi or Sasuke/Kakashi etc

The prices are right but the content is not! D:
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Lots of Billshido Lately...

So there has been a lot of Billshido fics lately on THF... there was a huge surge back in 2008 but things sort of slowed down for a while after that. I credit the amazing Raiju for this new rush.

I first starting Raiju's fics when she first joined the site, loving the fact that she (in my mind) mainly specializes in Billshido fics that do not consist of Bushido being an ass, Bill a slut, or Bill getting raped (except for in one of her fics but it's so worth it). So anyways I immediately fell in love with Raiju's writings.

After her first achievement with her featured fic "What Patience Earns" a fic telling the story of Bushido comforting Bill after Tom has died and has no reason to live. At the time of the feature that story was a tear-jerker and definitely became one of the most memorable stories on THF. It was a story that contained suspense, tension, emotional turmoil, and an odd sense of hope throughout the whole thing. It was a huge splash in the THF community rivaling that of other major writers such as undrockroll, cynical-terror, knw, kishmet, fryedancer, and many other talented writers.

However it Raiju's most recent featured fic "King of Kingz", a story that revolves around the lives of drug dealers and the events that Bill endures after Tokio Hotel has broken up and Tom is placed in jail, is by the far the most amazing fic on THF ever written. Legends such as Beren blew us away with Tom/Bill in 2007 or the duo of Majestrix and Little Muse with their flare for AU/Fantasy fics, but Raiju has upped it to a new level with the once hated pairing of Bushido/Bill.

Raiju breathes life into her characters and excels in writing by not making the characters her own, but representing them as they really are in real life. Her description of Bill in "Obloquy" moved me to tears throughout several chapters and her characterization of Bushido in "King of Kingz" surpasses even the mind-blowing performance of that.

"King of Kingz" is by far the best piece of fiction that I have ever read in the THF fandom (in my opinion) and I highly suggest all members of the fan fiction community to read it even if you aren't a Billshido fan! This is one story that has definitely raised the bar above and beyond!

Please Note: I do not mean in any manner to insult any of the authors mentioned in this journal. I greatly admire every single one listed in this entry and are using their names in order to help convey the superior writing talent of each one. I have nothing but the utmost respect for these authors and never would try to intentionally hurt their feelings or insult them.
Fuck Me Tomi

I WON!!!!

So I  know this may sound totally childish but I cannot contain how happy I am right now!

I won in the Best Horror Category and Best Sequel Category in the Tokio Hotel Fan Fiction Sechsling Awards! I just wanted to thank everyone that voted for my fics, guys it means the world to me! I love you all so much!

Friends Only From Now On

 Hey my name is Teagan or Tea either or.
So let's get some things straight if you are going to add me.

  1. I like Tokio Hotel  you don't nesscessarily have to but you can't diss them won't forgive you for that
  2. I am a very opened minded person... which means I basically agree with anything.... so if you don't like gays, or lesbians, or bi's then please don't friend me 
  3. I like anime and manga! Yay Bleach, Naruto, Fruits Baskets, Death Note, blah blah blah

So I think that settles everything! Other than that I'm sure we'll get along fine! :D