Ex-fan (billistmeinherz) wrote,

I Want to Kill This Man

With all the recent controversy surrounding LiesAngeles, it was such a breath of fresh air to read this girl's comment amongst the immature battle between fangirls and LiesAngeles.

"It’s really disgusting to threaten to release their home address online. They’re not focusing on the U.S. market right now, but they do have plenty of fans here. Yeah, they’re not famous in the U.S. right now; why does that bother you so much? You seem to take it very personally that they’re not interested in interacting with paparazzi. Just because they ignore you doesn’t mean they hate being famous or are ungrateful for their fame and fortune. You keep complaining that they are selling the app to fans, but no one is forced to buy if they don’t want to do so. They’re not so naive that they don’t realize all content from the app will be shared online. Having it be a paid app means that random trolls (like yourself) are less likely to download the app just to annoy people on it. You go on and on about how you provide better pics than their app, but how do these small, crappy photos you’ve posted show any sort of photography skill?
If you’re as nice of a guy as you always declare, maybe you should stop implying that anyone who disagrees with you is stupid. I understand that you have chosen this job for yourself and are enjoying the attention you get from TH fans, but you should also understand that not everyone is going to kiss your feet for chasing after celebrities. Happy Holidays and try to be a little less negative! Their lives are none of your concern, since you claim you’re not a fan of the band, so maybe you should focus less on criticizing people you don’t even know (chasing after them for photos doesn’t equal knowing them) and focus on your own life and loved ones." -Susan

Bless this girl's soul. I am so fed up with this LiesAngeles guy I can't even stand him. If he's a professional paparazzi then why does he have his own blog and why does he respond to girl's comments? He's a loser in the paparazzi world since none of his pictures ever make it to any major magazines, the fact that he posts to them to his blog is a testament to that.

In addition a lot of his facts are wrong. I just want to punch him in the face. To sink as low as to threatening to release the twins' home address? Susan called him out on it and he responded that he'd protected said information for the past five months...well if so...your word means nothing the moment you reveal it.

I don't think this LiesAngeles guy really has any idea of where they live since the hints he's been dropping are wrong. God I just want to kill him.

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