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Rant #5

Today is a rather gross and frustrating day, so it's only appropriate that I rant on a day such as this.

Rant #5 Self Insert Banners and Disney Star Banners

I have no idea why, but I just hate het so much in the TH fandom. I'm fine with het in other fandoms, in fact I'm a hardcore shipper for some het couples above yaoi couples, but I just despise it in the TH world. I think for the most part, it has to do with the amount of Mary Sues but also how a lot (not all) of these het writers choose their diction. They make their female protagonists (who are clearly themselves) too perfect. They spend hours explaining what their hair or body types look like when I think we all know in real life that they most certainly do NOT look like that.

But what really upsets me the most is when girls make Bill or Tom or Gustav or Georg or whoever in their stories really weak. They make Bill into this romantic troubled guy or Tom into this perverted stud who could have ANY girl in the world but chooses the Mary Sue. Seriously? Bitch, please. At least if you are going to write het, make your portrayal realistic. I'll read het if Bill or Tom are at least believable. But when either of the twins are falling over themselves for your Mary Sue character or even having a three-way because hey, even these het sticklers want some slash loving, it's not believable anymore.

So please stop inserting yourselves into your banners. Stop putting damn Miley Cyrus or Selena fucking Gomez in your banners and claiming that they're some girl named 'Lea' or 'Ashlynn' or 'Kali' or 'Cara' with a C and not a K. It's just plain confusing. I do not want to be reading about Tom getting it on with some girl while Miley Cyrus is the banner. My eyes can only handle so much! Have mercy!

ALSO STOP LABELING YOUR FICS GEN WHEN THEY ARE CLEARLY HET!!! It's not going to make us slash readers like your fics anymore if it's clearly het and you've gone and 'tricked' us.

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