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People put warnings on fan fiction for a reason, to warn you about things you may not want to read. Read the warnings people! Authors put them there for a reason.

So this girl contacts me the other day and asks how she should approach reading "Where Evil Lays" a series I have on THF with a lot of violence and gore. So me, being the nice person I am, I make some suggestions of what to read. Then bam! I'm getting this email from the staff saying that some reader was deeply upset by my fic and found a scene that I'd missed that didn't match up with THF policy. I'm more than fine with changing the fic to fit policy, but the girl? Seriously bitch? You can't just email me and tell me that this one scene didn't fit policy? You had to go and report it?

I hate people like that. These dumb girls who are under 18 that click the age requirement bypass and read shit that they know they shouldn't be reading. When a story has GORE, RAPE, DEATH, and TORTURE in the warnings you know shit is gonna go down.

I'm just really sick of people complaining that my stories are too violent or that I'm being too rough with Bill or Tom. Or that they're grossed out by the gore or disturbed by the torture. Umm hello! Did you read the warnings? Fucking dumbasses.

And as for you, you dumb bitch. Quit reading my fics if they 'deeply upset' you.

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