June 13th, 2011

Creepy Bill

Got a Twitter and Another Plot Bunny Popped into My Head...

So I finally got around to getting a Twitter account. I'll be tweeting about fic updates, new ideas for fics I have, etc
Also once exams are done (Friday really needs to hurry its ass up) I'm going to start a new Tokio Hotel fic. I'm already 15,000 words into my fic for the Big Bang Challenge and plot bunnies have taken over my brain. I've been writing like a mad-women in the Kuroshitsuji fandom and so I thought that I'd do a crossover fic for it.

My poor little Red Riding Hood story for TH will just have to wait. I finished plotting it all out but just didn't have the time to type it all out and now I've lost motivation to finish it. I'll probably finish it sometime later this year before 2012 comes though.

I'm really excited to write for TH again. I was starting to lose momentum but then I came across a wonderful fic that only had 20 reviews but it was pure orgastic smex. I was drooling ohmygosh. So that really got me back into the spirit. I just have to make it through exams arghhh. I'm so sick of studying, I swear I've only studied for the past four months ever since February came around. it sucks.