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May 25th, 2011 Needs To Hurry Up

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.

I just found out today that the Kuroshitsuji II DVD 9 is being released on May 25th. Words cannot even describe how excited I am! The cover has Claude holding Alois in a rather flirtatious manner (possibly dancing?) and there will be another OVA included with the DVD called "Spider's Intentions" which is all about Claude and Alois! *insert fangirl squeal*

I've seen previews of the OVA and it looks like us Alois/Claude fans are going to have some more footage to make yaoi videos to! I mean there's one where Alois is crying, another one where Alois is naked trapped against a spider web (ho ho ho Claude you dirty dog), and another one of Claude creeping on Alois when he's asleep. I'm guessing that one's of Claude comforting Alois from his nightmares kind of thing. And then there's a really cute one of Alois tugging on Claude's face.

Oh I'm am SO EXCITED!!! I going to download it the minute it's up for sale! *fans self* oh my gosh!

The picture is too big to fit the screen so click on it for some more Alois/Claude sexiness! ;D
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