Goodbye - This Journal is Purged

It's been fun. This journal was created back in 2009. The very thought that my ramblings from over 5 years ago, a very narration of my annoying foolish youth, is embarrassing as fuck. Cheers to the good times and the memories.

Tokio Hotel  für Immer.


I Want to Kill This Man

With all the recent controversy surrounding LiesAngeles, it was such a breath of fresh air to read this girl's comment amongst the immature battle between fangirls and LiesAngeles.

"It’s really disgusting to threaten to release their home address online. They’re not focusing on the U.S. market right now, but they do have plenty of fans here. Yeah, they’re not famous in the U.S. right now; why does that bother you so much? You seem to take it very personally that they’re not interested in interacting with paparazzi. Just because they ignore you doesn’t mean they hate being famous or are ungrateful for their fame and fortune. You keep complaining that they are selling the app to fans, but no one is forced to buy if they don’t want to do so. They’re not so naive that they don’t realize all content from the app will be shared online. Having it be a paid app means that random trolls (like yourself) are less likely to download the app just to annoy people on it. You go on and on about how you provide better pics than their app, but how do these small, crappy photos you’ve posted show any sort of photography skill?
If you’re as nice of a guy as you always declare, maybe you should stop implying that anyone who disagrees with you is stupid. I understand that you have chosen this job for yourself and are enjoying the attention you get from TH fans, but you should also understand that not everyone is going to kiss your feet for chasing after celebrities. Happy Holidays and try to be a little less negative! Their lives are none of your concern, since you claim you’re not a fan of the band, so maybe you should focus less on criticizing people you don’t even know (chasing after them for photos doesn’t equal knowing them) and focus on your own life and loved ones." -Susan

Bless this girl's soul. I am so fed up with this LiesAngeles guy I can't even stand him. If he's a professional paparazzi then why does he have his own blog and why does he respond to girl's comments? He's a loser in the paparazzi world since none of his pictures ever make it to any major magazines, the fact that he posts to them to his blog is a testament to that.

In addition a lot of his facts are wrong. I just want to punch him in the face. To sink as low as to threatening to release the twins' home address? Susan called him out on it and he responded that he'd protected said information for the past five months...well if so...your word means nothing the moment you reveal it.

I don't think this LiesAngeles guy really has any idea of where they live since the hints he's been dropping are wrong. God I just want to kill him.

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Laughing Bill

Rant #5

Today is a rather gross and frustrating day, so it's only appropriate that I rant on a day such as this.

Rant #5 Self Insert Banners and Disney Star Banners

I have no idea why, but I just hate het so much in the TH fandom. I'm fine with het in other fandoms, in fact I'm a hardcore shipper for some het couples above yaoi couples, but I just despise it in the TH world. I think for the most part, it has to do with the amount of Mary Sues but also how a lot (not all) of these het writers choose their diction. They make their female protagonists (who are clearly themselves) too perfect. They spend hours explaining what their hair or body types look like when I think we all know in real life that they most certainly do NOT look like that.

But what really upsets me the most is when girls make Bill or Tom or Gustav or Georg or whoever in their stories really weak. They make Bill into this romantic troubled guy or Tom into this perverted stud who could have ANY girl in the world but chooses the Mary Sue. Seriously? Bitch, please. At least if you are going to write het, make your portrayal realistic. I'll read het if Bill or Tom are at least believable. But when either of the twins are falling over themselves for your Mary Sue character or even having a three-way because hey, even these het sticklers want some slash loving, it's not believable anymore.

So please stop inserting yourselves into your banners. Stop putting damn Miley Cyrus or Selena fucking Gomez in your banners and claiming that they're some girl named 'Lea' or 'Ashlynn' or 'Kali' or 'Cara' with a C and not a K. It's just plain confusing. I do not want to be reading about Tom getting it on with some girl while Miley Cyrus is the banner. My eyes can only handle so much! Have mercy!

ALSO STOP LABELING YOUR FICS GEN WHEN THEY ARE CLEARLY HET!!! It's not going to make us slash readers like your fics anymore if it's clearly het and you've gone and 'tricked' us.


Just got put on the waiting list for ArchiveofOurOwn and should be able to set up an account around Nov 18th. Very excited. I'm going to store all of my Tokio Hotel fanfics on there in case THF ever goes down permanently. At least then, my works will be archived forever on a safe server.

I also now have a Dreamwidth account! Very exciting. I'm still under billxbesitztxmeinxherz on there

So Sick and I Love It

Umineko no Naku Koro ni is probably the most gory animes that I've ever seen (it's up there with Elfen Lied)  and yet some sick part of me absolutely loves it. Umineko no Naku Koro ni is a branch-off anime from the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni franchise, following a similar plot line and including alter egos of both Rika Furude and Miyo Takano.

While Higurashi focused mainly on grossing the viewers out and horrifying them, Uminkeo focuses more on cognitive understanding of the horrible events occurring while encouraging one to try and think one's way out of various situations. Higurashi was wonderful and I find the characters more diverse but Umineko is delightfully confusing and constantly keeps the viewers on edge. (Plus the added bonus of being able to see Rika and a younger Takano again is the greatest treat of the series)

Battler Ushiromiya is a bit bland in my mind and resembles more of Naruto Uzumaki from his childlish days in the original Naruto series than Keiichi Maebara. At least Keiichi knew where to draw the line in being a buffoon while Battler constantly seems to be in a state of stupidity.  The most  promising character so far seems to be Ange Ushiromiya as she's the only character in the series so far who hasn't had a moment of weakness (she can become irrational at times due to her rage but still does not completely lose it as the others do)

Wonderful series overall. Umineko and Higurashi have managed to knock out down a few series and rise to be among the Top 10 anime in my book. Still favoring Higurashi a bit more as I felt one could connect with the characters better but Umineko is not far behind.

Let the battle begin...


People put warnings on fan fiction for a reason, to warn you about things you may not want to read. Read the warnings people! Authors put them there for a reason.

So this girl contacts me the other day and asks how she should approach reading "Where Evil Lays" a series I have on THF with a lot of violence and gore. So me, being the nice person I am, I make some suggestions of what to read. Then bam! I'm getting this email from the staff saying that some reader was deeply upset by my fic and found a scene that I'd missed that didn't match up with THF policy. I'm more than fine with changing the fic to fit policy, but the girl? Seriously bitch? You can't just email me and tell me that this one scene didn't fit policy? You had to go and report it?

I hate people like that. These dumb girls who are under 18 that click the age requirement bypass and read shit that they know they shouldn't be reading. When a story has GORE, RAPE, DEATH, and TORTURE in the warnings you know shit is gonna go down.

I'm just really sick of people complaining that my stories are too violent or that I'm being too rough with Bill or Tom. Or that they're grossed out by the gore or disturbed by the torture. Umm hello! Did you read the warnings? Fucking dumbasses.

And as for you, you dumb bitch. Quit reading my fics if they 'deeply upset' you.
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Have Been MIA For So Long On Here...

 First off, I'm nearly completed with my fic for the BB on THF. So I've very pleased about that... it had been like a dark cloud looming overhead but now I'm a bit concerned on how to go about ending it.

Secondly, I am stalling on writing the last three chapters of my Little Red Riding Hood fic as I don't want it to end.

Thirdly, I'm currently discussing a collaboration with tokiomoment which is exciting since I've never co-authored with anyone before.

Fourthly.... and lastly.... I don't know how go about saying this...

I am thinking of writing a fic of which the likes of THF has never seen before. I'm getting really sick of my BB fic (it's fluff gag) and I've neglected my RapeVicitim!Bill story too long. So there I am, in the shower, when this idea pops into my head. I'm really excited to write it all out. But I need to find the time!.... maybe I'll start today if all goes according to plan
Creepy Bill

Got a Twitter and Another Plot Bunny Popped into My Head...

So I finally got around to getting a Twitter account. I'll be tweeting about fic updates, new ideas for fics I have, etc
Also once exams are done (Friday really needs to hurry its ass up) I'm going to start a new Tokio Hotel fic. I'm already 15,000 words into my fic for the Big Bang Challenge and plot bunnies have taken over my brain. I've been writing like a mad-women in the Kuroshitsuji fandom and so I thought that I'd do a crossover fic for it.

My poor little Red Riding Hood story for TH will just have to wait. I finished plotting it all out but just didn't have the time to type it all out and now I've lost motivation to finish it. I'll probably finish it sometime later this year before 2012 comes though.

I'm really excited to write for TH again. I was starting to lose momentum but then I came across a wonderful fic that only had 20 reviews but it was pure orgastic smex. I was drooling ohmygosh. So that really got me back into the spirit. I just have to make it through exams arghhh. I'm so sick of studying, I swear I've only studied for the past four months ever since February came around. it sucks.

May 25th, 2011 Needs To Hurry Up

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.

I just found out today that the Kuroshitsuji II DVD 9 is being released on May 25th. Words cannot even describe how excited I am! The cover has Claude holding Alois in a rather flirtatious manner (possibly dancing?) and there will be another OVA included with the DVD called "Spider's Intentions" which is all about Claude and Alois! *insert fangirl squeal*

I've seen previews of the OVA and it looks like us Alois/Claude fans are going to have some more footage to make yaoi videos to! I mean there's one where Alois is crying, another one where Alois is naked trapped against a spider web (ho ho ho Claude you dirty dog), and another one of Claude creeping on Alois when he's asleep. I'm guessing that one's of Claude comforting Alois from his nightmares kind of thing. And then there's a really cute one of Alois tugging on Claude's face.

Oh I'm am SO EXCITED!!! I going to download it the minute it's up for sale! *fans self* oh my gosh!

The picture is too big to fit the screen so click on it for some more Alois/Claude sexiness! ;D